How I Work

I work with my clients to help them uncover their own truth, answers, insights and solutions. I have a huge toolbox to assist me in assisting you. Offering you advice, telling you how to do something or simply handing you insights are not ways in which I normally work. My job and ultimate goal is to provide you with your own skill set and help you find what works best for you, so that you don't need me to continue navigating your own life. I hold each and every one of my clients with the highest respect and I take a personal interest in seeing them through transformation and growth. I experience great satisfaction in witnessing them flourish in their lives. To be welcomed along as a teammate in someone else's own journey and path is an exceptional honor that I do not take lightly.


What To Expect

Working with me can at times be serious, light-hearted, intense, comforting, fun, heart-wrenching, funny, relieving, painful, enlightening and everything else in between. AND working with me is always genuine, solid, respectful, loving, heart-felt, and full of substance. Some days our work together will feel really good to you and you will walk out of my office feeling on top of the world. Some days our work together will downright suck and you'll think that you want the session to end early. Most of the time our work together will fall somewhere in between.



Success in Therapy

Clients who experience the greatest amount of success with me are clients who have a healthy capacity to be self-reflective, insightful, have a willingness to look at both of their light and dark sides in an honest and inquisitive way and possess a huge desire for change in their lives. My clients must be willing to put the work in to make that happen even if it feels yucky for a bit. I work hard for and with my clients and my expectation is that my clients put in at least an equal amount of effort, otherwise I am of no value to you.

The Basics

I am a Marriage and Family Counselor specializing in individual and couples therapy based in mindfulness, and I maintain a private practice in SW Portland, Oregon.


I graduated from Portland State University with a Master's degree in Couples, Marriage, Family Therapy in June of 2011. I completed M.E.T.A.‘s two-year Comprehensive Training that same year. I helped pioneer the creation and opening of the M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic, and served as a Counseling Intern at the Clinic from the fall of 2010 to the Summer of 2011. I now serve as a teaching assistant in M.E.T.A.’s current two-year Comprehensive Training and their newest offering: M.E.T.A. for Couples, where I help assist the growth of other counselors and counselors-in-training to learn and incorporate the specific methods of M.E.T.A.


I facilitate an 8-week group for children between the ages of 7 and 11 titled "Mindfulness for Kids" as well as a week-long summer camp that focuses on Mindfulness skills for kids. I also hold workshops and offer weekly Mindfulness4Kids sessions for churches, schools, and other organizations.


I have experience in public speaking in advocacy for transgender issues and awareness. Recently I served, as the only non-transgender member, on a panel educating graduate-level counseling students at Portland State University as to how to meet transgender clients in a therapeutic setting and educating students on the most current issues facing the transgender community. 

Formal Education


Additional Training

Professional Activities and Memberships 

  • Member of American Counseling Association, since 2009

  • Teaching Assistant in M.E.T.A.’s two-year Comprehensive Training, 2011 through 2013

  • Teaching Assistant in M.E.T.A.'s new Professional Skills Module Six: M.E.T.A. for Couples 2014 / 2015