Mindful Education Through



Periodically, I offer an 8-week long Mindfulness4Kids group. These groups are usually formulated for a specific age range. I have taught and offered groups to kids as young as 5-years-old up through adolescents. If you would like to be notified of any upcoming groups I am offering, please EMAIL me your name, email address, names and ages of your children and I will gladly notify you when an offering arises. I promise not to send you other SPAM-type of emails, just a notification of any upcoming Mindfulness4Kids groups.


During the 8-week group we focus on one specific mindful skill each week such as "Mindful Movement" or "Mindful Eating." These skills are learned by playing games, integrating yoga and engaging in exploratory activities and experiments. We also learn about our brains and discover how knowing the ways our brains work can help us regulate emotions, enhance self awareness and decrease reactivity. Finally, we take what we have learned and engage with our community in mindful ways.


I am also available on a contract basis to come and teach my Mindfulness4Kids curriculum to groups such as church groups, parenting groups, youth organizations, schools, etc. Please EMAIL me with your idea and a little bit of information about your group and what you hope for and we will connect to tailor something that works for you and is most beneficial for your specific group. 


I am happy to tailor the curriculum to your specific group. For example, I have taught mindfulness and brain science to a group of young martial arts students and the focus was how studying martial arts is a form of mindfulness and how it has the same impact on our brains as mindfulness practices do.